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Posted by Superkids Team on 3/8/18 8:07 AM
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Keegan is described as a talkative, happy little boy by his caregivers. He is pretty shy with new people, as our team discovered when we met him in November, but once we stepped back and let him play with other children he relaxed and we got to see the sweet boy his caregiver described.

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He is imaginative and likes to play with little pretend action figures. He loves puzzles. He likes playing ball and gets along well with the other children in his group at the home where he lives.

Gladney Superkids

Keegan will be 5 soon. His file indicates that he has some delays. He is speaking in complete sentences, though his pronunciation is not always clear. He dresses himself and packs his own backpack for kindergarten. He was great with both gross and fine motor tasks. He runs, jumps, and plays with a ball. He colors, imitates shapes, and likes things to be tidy. When a crayon was put in upside down he said, "That is wrong!" and corrected it.

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Keegan didn't like getting his picture taken by us, which I think you can see. I didn't blame him. It's pretty scary to have strange looking people try to do something as intimate as take pictures of you!

This precious little boy needs a family! Could he be your son? Please contact for more information

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