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Posted by Superkids Team on 4/19/18 2:13 PM
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It is time! We have reached that point of preparation where we start reminding ourselves that there are plenty of stores in Taiwan to buy all of the things we have forgotten. You know the stage...

Gladney Superkids

I know you are all wondering about the glorious details of this trip.

We are thankful for our returning Superkids physical therapist, Nancy Dobson. We will miss her wonderful husband, Joe on this trip, but hope he can join us again in the fall.

Mary Chapman, our Taiwan caseworker, is also planning to go, which I know is exciting for the families she works with. She can hand deliver care packages and get all kinds of wonderful updates for matched families. That is exciting stuff!

Erin Martin, our photographer and social media manager is going again. She is the one who will be getting the pictures of matched children in the private Facebook group as quickly as possible, so families, watch closely!

We also have a caseworker from another agency, Amanda, joining us on this trip. We are excited to get to know her in person and share this experience with her and her significant other.

We are all flying from different areas in the US, but will meet up in the San Francisco airport and travel to Taiwan together. We leave on Saturday, April 21.

We will hit the ground running and spend Monday and Tuesday visiting children at ChungYi. On Wednesday we have a day for sight seeing and relaxing. Then Thursday and Friday we will go to Cathwell.

We plan to see between 50-60 children while there. We are seeing 14 matched children! When you consider the total number of adoptions from Taiwan in a year, 14 matches is huge and amazing! We are excited and humbled to be able to do this!


Now for the important piece of how to follow our trip {you know you want to!}.

We will be posting on the blog here daily, barring any technical difficulties.

You can follow us on Facebook by liking our page here. We will post updates throughout the day as we can. This is a public page and we have to abide by Taiwan's privacy laws in not posting pictures of children's full faces.

So... be sure to join our private Facebook group where we can post pictures and videos we can't post publicly. You will need to answer a couple of questions before we can add you, so be sure to do that and we will get you added! This is where matched families should watch for pictures of their children. We will do our best to post pictures from the orphanage!

Thank you all for your support as we go!

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