Posted by Superkids Team on 5/7/18 9:33 AM
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We met Liam several times in our trips to the orphanage where he lives. He is still waiting.

Gladney Superkids

We just got an update on him with some handsome new pictures. He is doing really well! He is a healthy, active almost 12 year old boy! He is developmentally delayed, but is doing well in the special needs school he attends. He can do addition facts and has memorized poetry. He is a happy boy with a very lovable personality!

Gladney Superkids
Gladney Superkids

One of my favorite things I remember about him is his love for lollipops. He was so cute asking for them that he had an entire handful by the time he left the room!

Gladney Superkids

This sweet little guy is delayed, but has the best personality! Could he be your son? Please email us at for more information!

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