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Posted by Superkids Team on 5/30/18 10:06 AM
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Over in our private Taiwan Facebook group (be sure to join for pictures and videos we can't share publicly!) we asked for help to give this little guy an advocacy name. Alec was the clear favorite of the 3 names we asked you to choose from, so today we are introducing Alec!

Gladney Superkids

Alec is 4 years old and is an easy-going fun little boy. He likes to play with spinning tops and little cars. When we showed him a picture with animals doing different things he easily identified what each type of animal was doing. He speaks in long sentences but his speech is a little hard to understand.

Gladney Superkids

He copied shapes for us and did a little lacing card quite nicely. He stacked blocks, ran, jumped, climbed and did all of the typical 4 year old boy stuff.

This cute little guy needs a family. Could he be your son? Please contact for more information.

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