A Wrap-Up, a Shout-Out, and a Plan...

Posted by Superkids Team on 4/23/19 8:47 AM
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We ended our trip to Taiwan on a high note. We did not see very many children our second day at Cathwel, but we had productive conversations with staff and feel excited about our continuing partner ship there! As we were leaving we saw one of our sweet little matched kiddos out for a walk in the stroller. When we asked where she was going they said to get her passport photo taken, which just seems so full of hope and promise!





We had some time to stroll along "stinky tofu street" just behind the orphanage over our lunch break. We always enjoy our time there even if none of us like the taste or smell of stinky tofu. While we were eating lunch in a little restaurant we felt an earthquake! It was not very strong where we were, but come to find out it was measured at a magnitude of 6.1 on the east coast of Taiwan and even caused some minor damage in Taipei. So that was an interesting experience!


We went to the famous Din Tai Fung restaurant and ate an impressive number of dumplings. Seriously, the little steamer baskets just kept coming and we just kept eating! Then we went to the night market, where we had to sample a few of the goodies offered there. The crowds were impressive, but it was a fun last night in Taipei activity.





On Friday we all headed home. I was the last to leave and did not arrive in New York City until almost 11 PM on Friday. Saturday I was up bright and early to celebrate my daughter, Annika's 12th birthday!  And here is where the shout-out comes in. We might not focus on it often, but it is a sacrifice for our families for us to do what we do with Superkids. I have been gone to China or Taiwan several times over Annika's birthday. Last year I left the day after, this year I arrived home the day before. Annika is often the one who helps me decide on advocacy names for our little Superkids. She understands the importance of what we do. And she {mostly} is pretty cheerful about the need to plan birthday celebrations around the spring trips. She is a "Gladney baby" herself and I want to take this opportunity to wish her a happy birthday and tell her how proud I am of her!



And now for the plan. Our first priority is always to get the pictures and videos to matched families or families who may be considering requesting to be matched to a child. Next we will work to introduce new children who have files prepared. Then we will update the photos and blog posts for children whom we have already introduced but we were able to see again. So be sure you are watching the blog! And don't forget to join our private Facebook group where we can share photos and videos we cannot share publicly for privacy purposes.

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