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Posted by Leslie Winston on 6/26/19 8:49 AM
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Adopting Internationally

“We would like to adopt a child who needs us - Who are the children needing adoption in China?”

Depending on who you ask, you will get a variety of answers.  As you consider adopting from China – here is some context that we think is helpful and hopeful that shows many families are successfully adopting from China.

Statistics from the US State Department broadly give us some perspective about the children in China who currently are finding families through international adoption.  Below is information for the most recent year that statistics and figures are available (2017):

Approximately 1900 children were adopted by US parents: 50% of the children adopted were boys.

About 40% of the children who were adopted were between the ages of three and four; and Almost all of the children had a medical condition.

Currently, in the Spring of 2019:  Gladney Center expects that this year about 81% of the children adopted by Gladney parents will be between the ages of one year and four years.  47% of the children adopted through Gladney’s China program will be boys and 53% will be girls.  This is similar to last year (80% of the children were four years of age or younger; 18 boys and 24 girls).

We are currently working with parents toward several adoptions from China including the adoption of a little girl who is blind and a baby boy with albinism.  A family adopting a toddler boy with congenital heart disease just came home.  We are hoping to match parents soon to a child who has urogenital issues.  We are reviewing a file of a baby girl with cleft palate and other health issues to see if we have a family who would like to match with her.

The CCCWA (China Centre for Child Welfare and Adoption) shares new child files about once per month with authorized adoption agencies.   In May, 2019, as an example, about one hundred new files were shared.  Of these files, almost ¼ were considered to be “non-special focus” files; this categorization, made by the CCCWA, requires that a family wanting to be matched to this type of file have an adoption dossier completed and registered in China.  The remaining files, approximately seventy five, were able to be reviewed by families who are in the pre-adoption process, but not yet fully paper-work ready.  Once you become part of an agency’s China adoption program, within just a few months, you can be considered for many of the child files within CCCWA’s system. 

We hope you’ll consider adopting through Gladney’s China program!  Are you ready? Contact us at 347.443.5557 or!
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