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Posted by Gladney Center for Adoption on 10/19/18 6:37 AM

As you are exploring adoption as an option for your family, we are sure that you have many questions. Once a month we ask Thomas & Stephanie a question about their adoption experience.

Adoption Advice


Share a specific memory that sticks out in your mind about your Gladney story. How did you feel and what did it mean to you?


Adoption AdviceI will never forget stepping on to the Gladney campus in Fort Worth for the first time.  My husband and I had been carefully considering adoption after struggling with infertility for years.  We had researched several agencies and looked into adopting through a private attorney.  Many other agencies sent us literature or talked to us via conference call, but only Gladney welcomed us in a personal way and invited us to come and hear all about the process and meet other families considering adoption.  Gladney made the entire process transparent. 

They acknowledged that there would inevitably be unknowns throughout the journey, but that if we stayed on the path and trusted the process that there would be no doubt that we would find our forever family.  We spoke one-on-one with an adoptive parent caseworker and heard from an experienced attorney.  We were so grateful to be able to hear firsthand the stories told by both adoptive parents and birth parents whose lives Gladney had touched.  We left that day feeling more uplifted than we had in years.  We didn't even have much to discuss.  We both felt in our hearts that we had finally found our direction.

We encourage you to share this adoption advice with others and find out what advice your social network would provide. 

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