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Posted by Superkids Team on 12/2/19 8:52 PM
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Meet sweet, spunky 7 year old Kelsey! This was our first time meeting Kelsey and we all had fun getting to know her. She did well on all of the tasks asked of her. She even did some simple multiplication!

Kelsey (Taiwan)

Kelsey told us her favorite color is pink and she loves bread. Her favorite animal is a water buffalo, which she had recently seen at the zoo. She likes playing outside, and when she gets to play frisbee in PE class at school. Kelsey is in the 2nd grade and her foster parents told us she especially excels in Mandarin and math.

Kelsey (Taiwan)Kelsey has been living with her current foster family for about year. Foster mom and dad both came to meet with us – which is rare, we usually just get to meet foster mom. It was clear that Kelsey has a good, trusting relationship with her foster parents – who we learned are both social workers! Kelsey has had a bit of a tough past, but it seemed to us that she is in a wonderful place now. Her foster parents confirmed that they have seen positive changes in Kelsey throughout the last few months.

We are still waiting for Kelsey’s full profile, but we do have information to share with interested families. Please reach out to if you’d like more information on Kelsey.


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