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Posted by Gladney Intern on 9/28/16 11:45 AM

Intern Works with Gladney Adoption ServicesMy name is Mikayla Ollie and I have been an intern at Gladney for 3 weeks. I am interning from the University of North Texas while in my last semester of my degree for Human Development and Family Sciences. Before joining Gladney, my idea of my future career was a bit broad. I just wanted to help people. I wasn't sure how; I wasn't sure where; I wasn't sure of much. I spent most of my college career working HR for a cut-throat, dog-eat-dog, 'high-end' retail company. Although I enjoyed my HR job, I really didn't want to continue with that company. As I looked for internships in the HR field, nothing really fed my hunger to give back to the community. Then a miracle happened....

I found Gladney!!

Gladney has been nothing but great since I got here. The members of the organization are so friendly. There is so much training involved to ensure you are prepared for the work. There's so much information they give you about all the services provided here. The office cubicles don't stress me out like my popcorn-yellow office did at my old job. Before I even started, I found myself repeating "I'm so excited" to the intern HR coordinator. I'm 3 weeks in, and I never want to leave.

I am currently interning with the Next Steps department, where I work with my mentor Lisa to help the birth mothers be prepared to take their next steps in life. Pregnancy is a life changing experience, but we don't want these women to think this is the end of the world. We want to help them get their GEDs. We want to help them get a driver license or US citizenship. We want to help our clients set goals and realize they have a bright future ahead. Next Steps is just one of the adoption services Gladney offers birth parents.

But what is EXTRA amazing about interning with Gladney is I have the opportunity to explore more than my position. I have the chance to spend a day with our AdoptEd program educating high school kids on how adoption is a great option. I have a chance to spend a day with Outreach talking to doctors offices about how to properly talk to their clients about the option of adoption. I have the chance to build a presentation on healthy living and present it to the birth mothers living in our dorm on campus. The opportunities are emerging left and right.

I'm so excited to be interning with Gladney. I know I will walk out of here with SO MANY things to put on my resume, so much experience under my belt, and a better idea of what kind of career I want.

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