Adoption Story: Road to Parenthood

Posted by Gladney Center for Adoption on 3/25/18 2:33 PM

Our Adoption Story

This dream has been 6 years in the making. I don't regret our struggle because as a couple it made us more honest, our faith grew significantly, and it gave such an amazing opportunity to experience the love and compassion of other people. But mostly I don't regret it because without that experience we wouldn't have the child that God always meant for us to have.

I'm so grateful to all those women that God brought into my life that taught me so much about courage and strength. I'm not talking about positive self-talk or denying of how I felt. I'm talking about recognizing, facing, and accepting. I learned to ask for help in safe places. These women believed even when I struggled-trusting that God had it planned and that we would one day be parents. These women would sit with me while I sobbed feeling broken. They met me in random places to give me shots in my stomach late at night-because I couldn't give them to myself. Listened to me while I talked and showed me love by not giving advice-but instead compassion.

They loved me even when my pain was ugly or uncomfortable. They were friends for life. Friends from work. My parents, who made it financially possible. Friends from yoga and Bible study who listened and often unknowingly spoke truth that became my lifeline. My sister who always said the right thing and ferociously had my back. Always perceiving my feelings and being available. Our birth mother who chose us to raise her child. The amazing people at Gladney who walked us through the process. My husband who was strong when I was weak-continually compassionate and kind. You were all a huge part of this story.

I realized that when we're willing to share our pain with people who've earned that trust, it gives them an opportunity to show love-and that's the point. That really is everything. I'm forever grateful and changed by that love.

Just look at this gift! 💙💙

Name: Judah Adoption Story: Road to Parenthood


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