Alex - Bright Futures 2020

Posted by Gladney Center for Adoption on 5/31/20 3:51 PM

Alex_CurrentParent Quote

Alex_BabyThere are no words to describe the joy and excitement of meeting a child who was chosen for you. We were in awe of this preemie boy who would become our forever son. We quickly became students to the amazing NICU nurses who expertly tutored us in how to care for our tiny first ever infant. The entire experience before even bringing him home was mind boggling but exciting at the same time.

From the Graduate

Adoption isn't a big part of my life, in fact it very rarely comes up, but when it does it’s definitely a fun conversation to have. I grew up in this family as a normal privileged kid. I am forever grateful for being adopted.

About Alex

Alex passed all grades in his prestigious public school and played many sports over the years. He is socially inclined and always seemed to know what to say when people are upset. He faced challenges in life but with the help of his family and friends he always pushed through.

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