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Posted by Gladney Center for Adoption on 6/7/20 3:59 PM

Anna_Current_1Parent Quote 

Anna_Baby_1The first time Dave and I met Anna we were very anxious. Did we make the right choice to adopt? Did we pack everything she will need? Will she bond with us? Does the camera have working batteries? Will she be healthy? Will she eat? Will she sleep? Will WE sleep? And, will she ever stop crying? When Anna was first put into my arms she stared deep at my face and gave me a look of skepticism. She hesitated for a bit but then Dave and I soon noticed the way she glared at me, with confidence, knowing that this was meant to be. She pinched and clutched on to the back of my shoulders with her chubby little fingers. I remember vividly the feeling that this is our daughter, now and forever. Anna is a thriving, beautiful, graduating senior and she still looks at us with confidence knowing she is and was always right. We are a family that was meant to be.

From the Graduate

Adoption has taught me what unconditional love and support is. It has showed me what it takes to be proud of your heritage and to embrace who you are as a person. Adoption means everything to me and is something I am proud to say I have been a part of. It means new opportunities and the ability to grow as a person. I have learned self-love, acceptance, and trust through being adopted which has in turn help lead me to where I am now. Adoption has provided me a life so fulfilling I am now going to attend Baylor University. Adoption was only the beginning of my story and I look forward to where else it will take me.

About Anna

Anna worked throughout high school. She was very self sufficient and knew how important it was to have great social and work ethics. Anna plans to graduate from Baylor and pursue and career in business. She will minor in Spanish.

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