Anna - Bright Futures 2020

Posted by Gladney Center for Adoption on 6/13/20 4:01 PM

Anna_Current_2Parent Quote

Anna_Baby_2We were so happy to hold Anna for the first time. Guatemala was a wonderful experience for the whole family. Anna's foster mother was able to join us as we went to the zoo and dinner together. Anna was a very quiet but curious child and had no fear of taking the plunge in the hotel pool. By the time her adoption day rolled around, she was already our precious daughter. Watching her grow, we have more joy and laughter than we could have ever dreamed we would have.

From the Graduate

Adoption is giving a child a chance at a good life. It means that they have found a place where they belong. I have learned the importance of honesty, friendship and family. I have also learned that no matter how hard things are you have to work even harder for the things you want to achieve. I also know that my parents will always be there for me because they have done that since the beginning. I know that they love me and would do anything to make me happy. Because of them I have grown into the independent woman I am today.

About Anna

Anna was a part of her high school colorguard since she was in seventh grade. Being on a team taught her the value of teamwork and gave her lasting friendships. Anna also did volunteer work at church as an altar server and worked with the kids Vacation Bible School in the summer. She also had a job at Brookshires as a courtesy clerk. Anna wants to be a child life specialist to help kids who don't get to have a normal childhood.

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