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Posted by Superkids Team on 5/25/20 1:14 PM
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Loyola just turned 12. It would be amazing for her to celebrate her 13th birthday with you!   

Waiting Children - Gladney Center for Adoption

She is described as smart, brave, and considerate!  She is mainly independent in her needs and self-care.  Loyola gets along with her teachers and peers.   She needs some assistance with completing homework.  Loyola likes to draw, is artsy, loves to skip, dance, and exercise. She participates on the school dance team!

Waiting Children - Gladney Center for AdoptionHer file states that her need is binaural sensorineural deafness and post op cochlear implant.  Loyola communicates through sign language.  She has strong vision and is observant as well.  She has a good memory and after looking at comics, she can sign and explain the story!  She reads facial expressions of others and can express this through signing.   

Loyola is looking forward to blowing out her candles on her birthday cake next year, celebrating with her family!  Contact for more information about her becoming a part of your family! 

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