Awesome Sisters: Adelle & Ada {Taiwan}

Posted by Superkids Team on 3/12/20 9:15 AM
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Adelle and Ada are sisters who are very close to each other. We have photos of the sisters, just not ones that can be shared publicly. To see photos, please request to join our private Taiwan Advocacy Group on Facebook.

Adelle is 10 years old and is the quieter of the 2. She is shy and doesn’t like to do new things without her sister to encourage her.

Adelle does well in school and has a lot of friends. Her favorite subjects are Mandarin and math. She like s to read and especially enjoys reading books set in ancient times in China. She likes to draw and drew us a cute picture of her and her sister.

Ada is 9 years old and is an active little girl who likes to play outside. she enjoys playing basketball. Her favorite subject is math and her least favorite is Mandarin. She told us she makes excellent grades and her caregiver nodded her head in agreement. She is an outgoing, friendly little girl. Ada has no known medical needs.

These sweet sisters need a family! Please contact for more information!

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