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Posted by Gladney Center for Adoption on 9/9/22 7:15 AM


Parent Quote

James-2022James has been a joy and a bundle of energy. From first crawling out of his crib at 9 months old, letting himself outside at 18 months old, declaring he was joining the chess club at school even though we didn’t know how to play or own a chess board, to turning, pressing, or pulling every button, switch, or knob on anything that would move including the fire alarm at his brother's school, James has kept us on our toes. Through it all, we have been blessed by the opportunities and experiences James has brought to our family.

From the Graduate

I’ve always known I was adopted and I’m glad I am even though sometimes it’s hard having white parents. My parents are my parents, and my brother and sisters are my family. I haven’t been back to Fort Worth or any Gladney events because we live in Minnesota. Sometimes I wish I lived closer but mostly that’s in the winter.

About James

James is mostly excited to just graduate! While he enjoyed being a lineman on the football team, throwing disc and shot on the track team, hanging out with friends, and driving his car, James is mostly excited to just be done with high school. James is looking forward to the working world and plans to pursue a career in construction.

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