Brittany - Bright Futures 2019

Posted by Gladney Center for Adoption on 5/17/19 4:01 PM


Brittany - Gladney Bright Futures


We first saw our twin girls when they were six months old in the baby home in Can Tho, Vietnam. They were, and still are, such beautiful and happy girls. We were so thrilled and determined to give them the best life we possibly could. We are very proud of them and cannot believe our baby girls are leaving for college.


The day I was adopted was probably the best thing that could have happened to me. I don't really know why I was adopted and for what reason, but whatever it was it was probably for the best. The day I came to the United States I was only a baby, so I don't remember the long plane ride my mom told me about. I was blessed to be let into this great family. They have taught me many things throughout my life. My adoption has taught me about how I am different from other people.


Brittany is interested in finding out more about her biological mother. She also wants to pursue her love for interior design and do that to the best of her ability. She wants to become a great person with the help of her mom and dad. 

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