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Posted by Gladney Center for Adoption on 7/4/20 4:11 PM

Chad_CurrentParent Quote

Chad_BabyWe traveled for two days to the Russian Baby House to meet Chad for the first time. He stood out among all the children who were in a huge play pen. Such a beautiful child with a big grin on his face! We knew right away he was the one. We were able to visit with him twice during our first stay, and it was difficult leaving him. Two months later we were back to bring him home. It was an exciting time for the parents, siblings, grandparents, and all the neighbors. Chad had a big welcome when he arrived!

From the Graduate

Adoption gave me an older brother, Shane, who I love and admire. He is three years older than me and inspired me much of my life. We attended the same boarding school, playing lacrosse together. Like him, I will play lacrosse in college. Adoption allowed me to grow up learning to hunt, fish, ski, scuba dive, and mountain bike. I was fortunate enough to attend many sporting events at nearby colleges. My parents are engineers and encouraged me in math and science. I enjoy technology and being creative and will pursue a degree in engineering.

About Chad

Chad was gifted enough to attend boarding school and earned a lacrosse scholarship. He participated in wrestling and lacrosse, playing at the varsity level as a high school freshman. His junior year, he broke the school lacrosse face-off record percentage at 64%. Chad is a critical thinker with a sharp wit, knowledge of facts, and love of debate. He has a strong work ethic and spends summers as a lifeguard and summer camp counselor. He will be attending college and pursuing a degree in computer engineering while playing lacrosse.

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