Coffee Fundraising for Adoption

Posted by Emily Conway on 1/13/19 9:23 PM

The adoption process can be stressful. Although there are scholarships and grants available to help with the fees, sometimes they don’t cover all of them. However, there are many ways to fundraise! One idea is hosting a coffee sale. Here are some tips for organizing one:

  1. Create a list of the types of products you’re planning on selling. Make sure you have different flavors of coffee such as classic, vanilla, and hazelnut. In addition, make sure to offer various types of creamer such as almond milk, skim milk, whole milk, and coconut milk. If you have a cappuccino maker, you can offer more brews of coffee as well. This will draw in more customers, and you will cater to more tastes. In addition to coffee, you can also offer various baked goods.
  2. Get people to help. Contact friends and family to see if they would be willing to volunteer to sell the goods or help make them.
  3. Research local events. By setting up a table at events such as a football game or farmer’s market you’re sure to get customers. Also, contact local stores and ask if you can set up a table outside.
  4. Advertise. Make sure people know about your coffee sale and the reason behind it! Create bright posters to hang in front of the table and create flyers you can post around town and online.
  5. Hold your sale. Thank each customer for the support they are giving your family on your adoption journey.

Now you can support other fundraisers you see, provide support to another family trying to fundraise, and share about your fundraising experience with us! Email your story (and photos too!) to


If you have questions about fundraising or other financial aspects of adoption, please reach out to our Senior Vice President of Finance.


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