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Posted by Superkids Team on 12/20/18 2:00 PM
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Desi is such a sweet little guy and so desperately wants a family! We have met him several times. You can read posts about him here and here.


This time when we met him I was worried about him. He seemed over the top anxious to leave a good impression and be charming. He has always been outgoing and charming, but this was just too much. Then I heard that it had been explained to him that the older he gets the harder it is to find him an adoptive family. Then it all made sense. He was anxious. He sees us as the people who can help him reach his goal. And my heart broke wide open.

He would love a family with dogs, and he is willing to work hard to learn English. This little guy is only 10 years and his greatest wish is for a family. My 10 year old daughter dreams of getting a stuffed panda on Christmas morning and worries about getting a good grade on her science test. Those are the type of dreams and worries 10 year olds should have, not whether they will have a family. He knows he cannot stay with his foster family indefinitely. 

Please share Desi's posts. Help us be a voice for him. Contact for more information. And be sure to join our private Facebook group where we can share photos and videos we can't share publicly.

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