Emy - Bright Futures 2021

Posted by Gladney Center for Adoption on 9/26/21 12:30 PM

Emy - Bright Futures 2021

Parent Quote

Emy - Bright Futures 2021We will never forget the day we went to Gladney to pick up Emy. It was a beautiful sunny June day: the adoption room was bright. As we sat on the couch waiting for Emy's birth mother to bring her in there was a sense of calm and anxious excitement. Seeing Emy for the first time brought tears to our eyes: she was this beautiful, tiny girl with the biggest blue eyes and a dusting of white blonde hair. She was quiet, almost angelic, with a calm curiosity to her. Mindy, her birth mother, was so brave as she asked me if I would like to hold her. To me, it felt like God was there, in that room, blessing us with this unbelievable gift. We are beyond grateful to Gladney, and to Emy's birth parents who helped us create our forever family.

From the Graduate

Adoption means having the chance to transform someone else's life for the better. The process is a reminder that no matter how diverse the backgrounds, it's the people that create a family. Through thick and thin, I could not be more thankful for the love, support, and care my family has given me

About Emy

Emy has always been a focused, determined young lady, and education is a priority to her. Emy has been the recipient of the 4.0+ Award given every semester from junior high through high school. She is a member of DECA, qualifying for State Finals two years in a row, and a proud member of the National Honor Society. Outside of school, Emy has a true passion for riding horses. Growing up, riding has been a big part of her life, which makes it even more exciting to have been recruited to ride on the D1 Equestrian team at TCU. She is very excited about coming back to Fort Worth, where she was born, to attend college in the fall. Along with the athletic scholarship, Emy is also a TCU Deans Scholar Recipient.

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