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Garrett- Gladney Bright FuturesPARENT QUOTE

Joy, awe, amazement, panic and love, pure love. These are the most prevalent emotions we felt at the birth of our eldest son, Garrett. Joy that our journey to become a family was nearly complete. Awe at the sight of this miraculous, perfect gift from God. Amazement at the unwavering confidence his birth mother had in selecting us as his parents. Panic at the thought of parenting – would we live up to the expectations? And then love, pure love which has only grown since the first moment we held him in our arms. We can’t imagine life without him!


I’ve learned firsthand about unconditional love. My birth mother loved me enough to place me for adoption, knowing I’d gain opportunities she couldn’t provide. I am surrounded by people who love and care for me as a person and they want to see me succeed in the goals I have set for myself. Once I’ve earned my bachelor’s degree in marine transportation and completed four-year participation in Corps of Cadets under the Texas Maritime Academy, I’ll seek an officer commission in the Navy.


Garrett participated in Boy Scouts of America since first grade and completed the rank of Eagle Scout in August 2018. He is an avid swimmer who excels at endurance swimming. In 2018 at District competition he placed 8th in 500-yard freestyle event, the same year that the boys team placed first in district competition. He lettered in both swim and orchestra due to his active participation in each over the four years of his high school career. He played the violin since fifth grade, preferring the second violin section. He was a member of National Honor Society.

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