Gift Wrapping For Adoption Fund-Raising

Posted by Gladney Intern on 11/26/17 12:00 AM

The process of adopting is a stressful time for you and your family. However, financing the adoption shouldn't be. One simple, fun way to raise money is to organize a gift wrapping fundraiser. This is a great way to bring people together and get people in the holiday spirit, all while raising money for a great cause. Here are some tips:

Adoption Financing Fundraising
  1. Choose the location. Figure out an area that has a large number of customers shopping for holiday gifts. This can be inside or outside of a mall or local mom and pop stores. Inside might be preferable depending on how cold and snowy it is in your area during the holiday season. Most business will be happy to let you set up your station after they hearing your "why".
  2. Acquire the supplies. The amount of supplies you buy should depend on how big the station you set up is, and how many volunteers you have manning the station. In addition, unless you have people donating supplies to you, budgeting the money you spend is a key component. You will need to buy supplies such as tape, scissors, bows, ribbons, gift tags, markers, tissue paper, gift bags, and wrapping paper for a variety of holidays. You will also need things like chairs, a table, a cash box, and a large poster or two to attract customers. Offering refreshments such as cookies or hot chocolate would also be a nice touch.
  3. Get people to help. Reach out to friends and family to see if they will help in manning the station during different shifts. Make sure you and your friends and family advertise the event across the various social media platforms that you have.
  4. Set prices. You can either determine a price that customers will have to pay to get their gift wrapped or you can simply ask for donations.

On a flyer or poster, make sure to explain the cause of the fundraiser and maybe even include some photos. Overall, the key to success is finding a location that attracts a large number of people shopping for the holidays!

Now you can support other fundraisers you see, provide support to another family trying to fund-raise, and share about your fundraising experience with us! Email your story (and photos too!) to

If you have questions about fundraising or other financial aspects of adoption, please reach out to our Senior Vice President of Finance.

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