Gladney's 25,000th Goes To College!

Posted by Mark Melson on 12/13/18 10:10 AM
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I hope you are all enjoying the holidays!  A fun story I thought I’d share.  Back in 1999, Gladney celebrated our 25,000th adoption by buying a $25,000 bond as a scholarship for the child when they reach college age.  Well it happened!   

Evan is now attending college. He is running track and plans to go to medical school.  Below is his thank you when his parents, Tom & Lori, told him about the scholarship.

Gladney's 25,000 Placement

"It has been 19 years since the 25,000th baby was adopted through Gladney and 19 years since I was born. I thank you so much for the scholarship.

 I hope that I make the Gladney organization proud of the young man I have become and I am very thankful that I was adopted to the family I am today. They pushed me on the field of academics and nurtured me on the field of athletics, even if for them this was uncharted waters. Today they created a young man who is an excelling athlete at what some people call a "New Ivy" school. Who later on has hopes to go on to medical school. And then to follow in his parents footsteps and join the military. This path my life has taken is entirely because of the parents that Gladney matched me with. I would like to thank Gladney for the perfect match they created 19 years ago and also for the scholarship that is helping to pay for the enrichment of my education that my parents have so lovingly given me the opportunity to pursue. I hope Gladney is around for another 19 years so that I will be able to adopt from them, when it comes time for me to have kids.


Thank you again,

Evan, Son of Tom and Lori "

Like Evan said – I hope we are around another 19 years as well!

Have a wonderful holiday and thank you for your continued support!


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