Gladney's Superkids in Taiwan: ChungYi Day 1

Posted by Superkids Team on 11/7/19 8:48 AM
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We just finished our first day at ChungYi. So many words swirl through my mind that could aptly describe this day, so many words, and yet I’m struggling to put any of them down so you can read them. 


Should I tell you about the sisters we met for the first time who both just blew through the various screening things we asked them to do? Should I tell you how much fun it is to see that and to know that it should not take too long to find their family?


Or should I tell you about the little guy who struggled to complete tasks and is unquestionably delayed, but who has the sweetest little laugh? 


Should I tell you about the boy who has made such amazing gains since we last saw him thanks to being in a safe place with good nutrition that, not only does “delayed” no longer apply, but he could now be described as advanced in multiple areas? 


Or should I tell you about the little one whose story would break your heart if you were to hear it? 

This is what we see, this is what we hear. Joy, pain, sweetness, bitterness, brokenness, healing, all intertwined until it is hard to tell them apart sometimes. And sometimes your heart leaps for joy even as it is breaking. 


We are coming home with stories to tell. Stories we feel honored to be entrusted with. We know the words will come, we trust the unique beauty of each child will shine though the words even as we struggle to find the right ones. 

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