Hayley - Bright Futures 2019

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Hayley - Gladney Bright Futures


The adoption process reinforced our belief and trust in God's perfect plan for our family. Who would have thought we'd have the joy of raising twin girls! Those first 10 days spent at an out-of-state B&B with newborn twins waiting for permission to return home were both exhausting and exhilarating. We've always been very open
with our girls about their adoption story and are grateful to their birth mother for choosing us to be their parents. Precious memories of Hayley ... always a climber, she was running before her first birthday, slept in funny positions, and, oh, that bright, orange hair!


Hayley - Gladney Bright FuturesIf it wasn't for Gladney, I wouldn't have the family or life that I have today I am lucky that I have the parents I have because they always support me and care for me through everything. They have given me unconditional love and unforgettable memories. Being adopted has given me a really cool story to share. It is awesome to meet other people who are adopted so we can all share our stories. I am thankful for my parents and Gladney for giving me an amazing life. (l'm the baby on the right in pink.)


Over the years, Hayley enjoyed many fun and fulfilling activities: skating on synchronized ice-skating teams, playing the fife in a youth fife and drum corps, playing the flute in high school marching band and concert band all,our years (receiving a varsity letter), tossing flags in winter guard, being in the National Honor Society, and volunteering at summer youth mission trips with her church. She plans to attend college this fall and major in occupational therapy.

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