How to Set Up a Restaurant Night Fundraiser

Posted by Emily Conway on 10/16/18 12:00 AM

The process of adopting is stressful. However, footing the cost shouldn’t be. One way to raise money for your adoption fee is to set up a restaurant night fundraiser at one of your local restaurants. Many different groups do this across the country as it doesn’t require much time or money. It is also a great way to bring friends and family together and support a local restaurant.


  1. Research the different restaurants in your area. Many restaurants, whether family owned or a chain, put on various events throughout the year or offer specific fundraising programs.
  2. Reach out to the manager or owner of the restaurant. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, call or email the person in charge of the restaurant. Tell them the why behind your fundraiser. Your adoption story is powerful! Find out more details such as what dates they have available, what food they can provide, and what percentage of what is earned will go towards the fundraiser. Usually ten to twenty percent of what is made is donated. Make sure to reach out a month or more before the date you’re thinking about.  
  3. Choose a restaurant, date, and time. Once you’ve done your research, reach out to family and friends that you want at the fundraiser and see what dates work best for them. After doing this, pick a restaurant and a day that will work best for you, your family, and your friends. Many times, you will have to meet with the manager or owner to go over additional details. In this meeting, you can also find out how and when you will receive the fundraiser money you raise that night.
  4. Advertise for the event. Print up flyers for the event and email, text, or post on social media with a description of why you're raising money. This is a great opportunity to share adoption as an option. Including a family picture is often a nice touch. Make sure to send out reminders of the time and place as the date gets closer.
  5. Make the night your own. Decorate the restaurant and tables depending on what time of year it is. You can even make it a theme night. For instance, if it is in the fall you can decorate tables with mini pumpkins, multi-colored leaves, and then give each guest a gift as they leave such as pumpkin cookies or gingerbread. Doing this makes things extra festive and leaves your guests feeling special and appreciative as they leave.
  6. Follow up. Send a thank you to the restaurant manager or owner and all of your guests that attended. Post photos from the event on social media and tell people how much money was raised and how that is going to assist you in growing your family.

Now you can support other fundraisers you see, provide support to another family trying to fund-raise, and share about your fundraising experience with us! Email your story (and photos too!) to


If you have questions about fundraising or other financial aspects of adoption, please reach out to our Senior Vice President of Finance.



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