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Posted by Superkids Team on 7/18/23 8:45 AM
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Join us as we introduce Samuel!

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Samuel is an energetic and strong willed 5 year old boy who loves outdoor activities, playing with robots, puzzles and watching movies! Samuel said he would like to become a policeman when he grows up.

Samuel is not shy! He enjoys interacting with new people and likes playing in groups. His foster father said Samuel "feels especially loved when there are more people interacting with him."

Samuel resides in a foster home and has a 2 year old foster sister. He has a close bond with his foster parents and often expresses his affection to them.  

Samuel has developmental delays and suspected ADHD. He attends occupational and speech therapy. During a recent visit with his social worker, Samuel demonstrated his ability to string beads together, stack blocks and draw with a pencil. His articulation and pronunciation have improved, and he is able to clearly express himself. Samuel also attends group therapy to help improve his interpersonal skills.

If you are considering adoption and would like information about Samuel, please contact us at to review his profile. 

To protect a child's privacy, Taiwan has strict rules limiting public photos of children. To see more photos of Samuel, request to join Gladney's PRIVATE Taiwan Waiting Child Advocacy group on Facebook.    

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