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Jack - Gladney Bright FuturesPARENT QUOTE

Our story with Jack began in a Texas delivery room - a beautiful, surreal moment. Placement Day was exciting yet bittersweet as we left the hospital after hugs for Jack's birth mother. Bringing Jack home to our family gave us such feelings of love and joy. We were finally parents and our life as a family was just beginning. When we read the adoption decree at finalization, it took our breath away to read that Jack was ours "as if by natural birth". What a powerful statement! We felt so proud to be Jack's parents then and every day since.


Jack - Gladney Bright Futures

Being part of the Gladney family has brought me many special friendships. Growing up, my family was always involved in our local Gladney group and I have such great memories of fun parties and gatherings with my "Gladney brothers and sisters." I've always been proud of being adopted and never had any trouble telling people that I am. In the future, I plan to adopt a child through Gladney. It is such an amazing agency and would be a special bond that I could have with my son or daughter, both of us being Gladney kids!


Jack plans to attend our local community college for general studies and possibly a culinary degree. He was on the honor roll throughout high school and in the cast and crew for 11 musical productions at his high school. Jack was involved in chorus, the drama club, and Aevidum, a student-run support and anti-bullying group.

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