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Parent Quote

Jordan_Baby_2I loved “Sasha” the minute he was put in my arms by his caretaker in Russia. I cried tears of joy. I heard God speak, “here is the child I had planned for you all along.” Two months later, we returned for our court date in Ryazan. He was officially our son! The U.S. adoption was also a joyful and memorable day. Jordan chose a stuffed bear displayed in front of the judge that he still has today. Jordan has grown up into an amazing, intelligent, talented, and determined young man.

From the Graduate

From a very young age, my adoption has been integrated into many conversations, and I have always been proud to have been adopted. As I have grown older, the awareness of all that my adoptive parents have done for me has given me an even greater appreciation for how fortunate I am to have been adopted. Because of my adoption, I have been blessed with opportunities in education, travel, my passions of gymnastics and guitar, and now the ability to attend college and pursue an engineering degree. Adoption will always be a part of my story, and I will forever be grateful for the life that my adoptive parents have given me.

About Jordan

Jordan will attend Liberty University in the fall and major in mechanical engineering. Jordan was on the honor roll all four years of high school. He was a violinist in the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra and was also a four-time Texas State All-Around Gymnastics champion. His favorite events were pommel horse and still rings. Jordan played guitar in the church worship band and volunteered in elementary classes. He continues to enjoy guitar, gymnastics and playing paintball.

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