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Posted by Superkids Team on 11/10/23 1:30 PM
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Jordan is an 8 year old boy who is described as obedient and soft-spoken. He enjoys board games, drawing, and playing outside. He was pretty shy and quiet and had a bit of a nervous blinking habit which disappeared once he was more comfortable.


One super cute moment with him was when we asked him to draw a picture for us. I was pretty sure I knew what he had drawn and sure enough, when asked he said, “Pikachu!” 

He is in the 3rd grade. He did some math facts for us. Addition was easy, as was multiplication… that is, until we pulled out the double digit cards. He could do them, but needed paper and pen. His favorite subject in school is computer class and his least favorite is Mandarin. 


I always enjoy reading over the answers to our miscellaneous questions. Kids this age are so much fun! His favorite foods are broccoli and cauliflower. His favorite animal? The armadillo. Something he dislikes? Cleaning up food waste after a meal.


His fine and gross motor skills were all on target. He enjoyed bouncing the ball but did not have so much fun doing sit-ups and pushups.

Jordan is a very sweet boy who is in the need of a family to call his own. Could he be your son? For additional information please contact us at To see more photos of Jordan, request to join Gladney's PRIVATE Taiwan Waiting Child Advocacy group on Facebook.    

*Don’t forget to register for our next virtual information session to learn more about adopting from Taiwan.*

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