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Posted by Gladney Center for Adoption on 5/17/20 2:44 PM


Parent Quote

The first time I saw Juliana, Gladney brought her to my hotel in Guatemala City. I was excited, but nervous. Taking care of a baby was new for me. She was beautiful and inquisitive. I remember holding her and looking out my window at the smoldering volcano. The first night, Juliana woke up screaming for Baba. I had no idea what/who Baba was. It took a while to figure out she wanted a bottle. She settled down and all was well again. I am so lucky to share my life with such a kind, strong, smart and beautiful daughter. 

From the Graduate 

Having adoption as part of my story, I have learned that my life is a little different from others but not by much. A lot of people honestly think it's super cool to learn that fact about me. It is funny to see the way people are initially confused about how I don't look like my mom at all. I am blessed to say I have an incredible life, family and group of best friends. I feel like my life worked out exactly as it should have.

About Juliana

Juliana will attend the School of Architecture at college in the fall. She is very excited to be part of Niner Nation. She wants to help people through her field of study. During her senior year, she served as Student Body Secretary of her high school and was actively involved in National Honor Society and her church community.

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