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Parent Quote

Anxious, excited, nervous all at the same time. These were the feelings I had when we left our hotel that morning, in September 2001, heading to Gladney to pick up our baby boy. When Julius’ birth mom, placed him in my arms, it was a life changing experience for me and my husband. He was so tiny, and squishy, he was only 15 days old. Our prayers were answered, and we were honored she chose us to be his parents. Before leaving, my husband told her, “we will always take care of him” and we continue to do so.

From the Graduate

To me, adoption means making a life changing decision to place a baby with a family who is ready to parent. It means the birth mother wanted the best life possible for the baby and carefully chose the right family to take that responsibility. I’ve learned that I am blessed to be with the family I am with and that my biological mother is pursuing her dream of becoming a nurse. I am on a path to college and a great career in the future.

About Julius

Julius accomplished a lot throughout the years in swimming, and Taekwondo. Since Julius was five years old, he practiced swimming every Saturday at Fins, the swim school. When he graduated to seventh grade, he joined his middle school swim team at Schindewolf Intermediate. Since then Julius swam through middle school to his senior year in high school. Julius plans to try out for his college team at The University of Texas at San Antonio. Julius has also been taking Taekwondo since 2012, is one belt away from a black belt, and hopes to continue once he starts college.

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