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Posted by Superkids Team on 9/18/19 12:14 PM
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Juniper is part of CCCWA’s new Ambassador of Love program.  Prospective Parents are invited by the CCCWA to meet this child in China as part of the matching process.  For more information please contact  


I don't think I'll ever forget meeting Juniper. It was a sweltering day in June. The sweat was literally dripping in our eyes. And there she was. Vibrant, active, running and laughing, falling over and over because she was wearing crocks that didn't fit and she is missing the toes on one foot, so balance was hard in ill-fitting shoes. She loved the bubbles one of our team members blew. 

That was 6 years ago. Six. Let that sink in.

Juniper will soon be 12. She has mild cerebral palsy, but obviously walks and runs and dances. She is missing the toes on one foot. This happened prior to her coming to the orphanage, so it is unknown what happened. And she has strabismus. 

We are thrilled that we can more easily get updates on Juniper now that she is part of the Ambassadors of Love program! We just got new pictures and videos. 

Juniper needs a family! Please reach out to for more information about her!

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