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Posted by Superkids Team on 11/20/19 1:59 PM
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Last week while in Taiwan we met Kade for the first time. We had recently received his file and were excited to meet him to learn more about him. In his file, it states that he may be on the autism spectrum. However, our team unanimously agreed that we aren’t sure that is an accurate diagnosis – let me tell you why. Kade is a bright, personable, and fun almost 5 year little guy. He participated in our activities well, answered our questions, and generally acted like a typical energetic little boy.


His favorite animal? A dinosaur! His favorite food? “Hmm, let me think about it….green beans!” What is something he doesn’t like? Sticking a spoon in a fan – it makes a loud noise. Wonder how he found that out?!

Kade lives in a foster family and his foster mother told us that he was recently moved up to the top class of kindergarten because the teachers felt he was bored. She told us that he is active, strong-willed, and good at sports and physical activities.


While we aren’t sure about the autism spectrum diagnosis, we do suspect that he may have some sensory processing issues (he doesn’t like being in small, crowded spaces, for example). Kade is also diagnosed with ADHD. Kade is already receiving OT, PT and sensory integration therapy. We’d be happy to share his profile and more about our meeting with anyone who would like to learn more. Please reach out to Mary Chapman at

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