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Parent Quote

Kaden_BabyOur hearts were pounding with anticipation as we knocked on the hospital door with our translator asking permission to meet you. When we walked in you were crying and when the nurse handed you to me (Cynthia) you became calm. The following two months waiting until we could hold you again was torture. Through prayer, faith, and the support of friends and family we were able to stay focused and work on getting you home. The journey with all the paperwork, background checks, travel and a court with a judge ended our journey with you making our hearts complete and having our forever family. We came home with you Christmas Day. You are a blessing to us and everyone you meet.

From the Graduate

Being adopted has helped me realize no matter where I go, I'm unique. It has shaped who I am today and helped me grow as a person. Being a part of Gladney has introduced me to people I would've never known and has given me memories that will last a lifetime. It's hard to believe that I'm almost in college, and I want to thank Gladney for being with me every step of the way.

About Kaden

Kaden has a passion to help others. As a child, he participated in the Blossoms in the Dust Luncheon and Blossoms in the Rough golf tournament with the Fort Worth GFA for several years. He also shared his adoption story in various newspaper and magazine articles. A highlight of his experiences with Gladney was this past September when he volunteered at the Gladney Cup in New York as a score keeper. He has been to Mexico several times and has volunteered in shelters and churches during his trips. He also participated in three home builds while in Mexico. Kaden will attend college in the fall. For his many years of hard work, he has put into baseball, he was honored with a scholarship to play baseball. He will study biochemistry and wants to pursue a career in pharmaceutical research.

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