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Our Kaici was a toddler and the other two families in our group were adopting babies. Because of this, we knew which one she was when she walked through the door. Timid, scared, and apprehensive, we tried not to overwhelm her, as we had brought all four of our daughters with us. Each one of us had a different reaction: My husband was all smiles, our oldest was sobbing with emotion, the second oldest was elated and wanted to hold her immediately, the middle child was unsure but excited, and the youngest ended up throwing up because she was so overwhelmed. Me? I was just relieved and overjoyed to finally have my baby in my arms!


Kaici- Gladney Bright Futures

Being adopted has helped not only me but others to understand more about the process of adoption and the value of a forever family. I have also been able to break down stereotypes about Asian athletes in basketball and have used my platform to display my ability and athleticism, all the while encouraging others like me to reach their dreams. I have also been able to use my story to show the unconditional love of Jesus and have found my calling to become a family attorney and help children like me connect with their forever home.


Kaici graduated with a 4.2 GPA. She was a member of Beta Club, Student Council, and National Honor Society. Kaici was volleyball captain and four-year starter and on the All District Volleyball Team. She was a basketball captain and four-year starter, won the Tennessee Basketball State Championship, voted Three-Year Basketball All District Player, and on the Tennessee Basketball All State Tournament Team. She was also Art Talent Show Selection Award Winner. Kaici plans to attend four-year university and continue with law school.

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