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Kathryn  - Gladney Bright FuturesPARENT QUOTE

It was a hot day in June as we drove up to Gladney’s doorstep to meet you, Kathryn, for the first time and hold you in our arms. You were so tiny, as Beth cradled you from our Gladney angels, the transitional care parents, while our social worker looked on. We adopted your brother David, just a year earlier, so it was a double blessing to receive you. We crowded around to study your every feature. We were flooded with gratitude to God and to your birth parents for this moment and for the years ahead.


Kathryn - Gladney Bright Futures

“Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace.” There are many things I have learned throughout my years, but one lesson is that you don’t pick your family. Family are people who love you through anything and want to see you succeed in life and without Gladney I wouldn’t have been brought to these wonderful people I get to call my family. They have taught me so much and through their guidance have brought me to this point of graduating. I don’t know what my future holds, but I do know whatever I do my family will support me.


Kathryn has decided to join the work force right out of high school. She will eventually return to school when she has a better idea of what she wants her career to be. For Kathryn, she is more interested in finding something she is passionate about before entering college. She has looked at acting or some form of dramatic arts as a possible future.

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