Kiki! A New Beginnings Intern at Gladney!

Posted by Gladney Intern on 2/21/17 11:28 AM

Hey Gladney friends and family!

My name is Kiki and I am a new intern at Gladney in the New Beginnings Program! I am a Human Development and Family Sciences major at UNT and will be graduating this upcoming May! I have been interning here at Gladney for a little over a month now and I am absolutely loving my time here so much! I think what makes the Gladney internship the best internship out there, is that I am truly seen and treated as apart of the team!

I went into this semester thinking that no matter where my internship would be, that I would do nothing more than go on coffee runs and make copies. I was SO wrong because I had no idea that I would be so fortunate enough to be an intern at Gladney. Being a Gladney intern is just like being a actual employee here. Silly but true, I actually got a desk and a computer my first day and that blew ME away!

Intern at Gladney Works in New Beginnings ProgramMy mentor and I are a match made in heaven! We are both very alike and think the same way, so we work so well together and HR did an awesome job placing me with her and in the New Beginnings Program. She really took her time out of her very busy schedule to make time to walk me through the office setting at Gladney and it helped so much.

My second week at Gladney my mentor asked if I was comfortable enough to assist a family with the transition of having adopted children in the home along with their biological children. The adopted children come from a series of hard backgrounds and the transition can be hard, which it is for this family. Every week since I started at Gladney, I get to spend a few hours each week in their home in their daily activities. I truly enjoy being an extension of Gladney to this family who are clients.

I absolutely love and appreciate that Gladney allows me to assist families, but what I love most about this amazing organization is that their love and support does not end after placement or finalization for families. If a family needs any kind of assistance or support even after finalization, Gladney will always do whatever they can to assist a Gladney family, and that is something that means a lot to me to be working for this awesome organization!

Until next time,

New Beginnings Intern-Kiki C.

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