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Parent Quote

Leighanne_BabyWe will never forget arriving at the hotel and seeing the nannies and babies at a distance. We wanted to run to them immediately, but we knew that we would have to be patient a little bit longer. Our group ate lunch and then we went to our room to wait for our daughter to be brought to us. However, when we stepped off of the elevator, the nannies and babies were waiting right there. It was a moment like no other---we saw her beautiful face and called out her Chinese name. Her nanny put her in our arms, and we fell in love. Our hearts were full of joy and amazement with our precious little baby girl. It became a group celebration as family after family was united with their child. The room was filled with laughter, happy tears, and some scared cries all mingling with the excitement of families beginning the bonding process. It was a blessed moment.

From the Graduate

I have learned so much from being adopted as it is an important part of my story. I have learned what a loving family looks like and how grateful I am to have people to depend on in my life. On my "gotcha day" I went from not having any family to loving parents and three brothers. Later, our family grew again through adoption, and I gained two more sisters from China. Because of adoption I was given a chance in life to pursue my goals in the medical field. My family has motivated me and helped me reach my goals throughout my high school years.

About Leighanne

Leighanne participated in the dual enrollment program through a local college from her sophomore year through her senior year. She will graduate with her high school diploma and an Associates in chemistry. With 93 college credits completed she plans to finish her B.S.in Biology and pursue a career as a physician assistant. She hopes to work in a hospital as a P.A. and continue volunteering internationally on medical mission trips.

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