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Posted by Gladney Center for Adoption on 5/17/19 3:01 PM


Liam  - Gladney Bright FuturesPARENT QUOTE

The first time we saw our son Liam was pure, unconditional, deep love. It was like walking into a room that was filled with gold light. It was an instantaneous connection that we knew would never be broken.  Placement Day was a day of destiny for us. We had married five years prior and we knew we wanted a child. When we were chosen to be Liam’s parents, we were certain it was the culmination of events which strongly suggested he was meant to be ours. Every day with Liam since has been a gift.


Growing up as an adoptee, I felt like my home life was very different from everyone else’s. It’s taught me to cherish connections and understand other people’s emotions, especially when talking about something important in their life. For example, when a topic is very personal, I understand the impact of one's own words on such a subject. I’ve been able to make meaningful connections with people and have become very close friends with quite a few people whom I hold very close.


Liam played varsity soccer for high school and played church basketball and rec basketball. He went to the Governor's Program for Gifted Children and was voted president of the program's government. He was in two musicals, getting lead roles in both. This past year he was accepted into show chorus and got in this year's All-State Choir. He has been accepted into a four-year university to pursue engineering.

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