Lucy - Bright Futures 2021

Posted by Gladney Center for Adoption on 9/18/21 9:59 AM

Lucy - Bright Futures 2021

Parent Quote

Lucy - Bright Futures 2021We first saw Lucy when the last of eight babies was presented to the families in the elevator lobby of our hotel floor. She was in the corner sitting on the lap of the orphanage director. We had bought a new video camera. While Mindy was talking to Lucy coaxing her from the arms of the Chinese woman holding her, I was trying to focus the camera which was blurry due to the poor lighting. Finally. the camera lens focused and captured Lucy in Mindy's arms. She was the only baby not to cry. We were immediately smitten.

From the Graduate

I feel that adoption is a way for children like me to be saved. I was given a family where I was loved and cared for as well as given a home. I feel adoption was a way for me to go to a safe haven where I can feel secure as well as have someone to love and support me.

About Lucy

Lucy's accomplishments are diverse. She is an award-winning pianist and plays the guitar too. As a graduating high school senior, Lucy has participated in soccer, volleyball, golf, varsity cheer and theatre. Her sophomore varsity golf team was the first in the school's history to finish second at state. Lucy has been a life-long artist who loves to draw. She recently was awarded a four-year art scholarship by  Samford University. She will attend college and pursue a Game Design and 3-D Animation Degree. After college, Lucy plans to travel the world and own a home.

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