Mario Update {Taiwan}

Posted by Superkids Team on 1/9/19 7:23 AM
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We have met Mario several times, too many times really when you think that he could have been home by now. You can read some of the posts we have written about him here and here.


Mario recently turned 5 and has low vision. He is in Kindergarten where his teacher reports that he does very well. He follows rules and has a lot of friends. When he arrives at school lots of children rush to greet him. 


We were thrilled to see him in November! He has made a lot of progress since we saw him last. He drew a cute little face with hair and everything for us!  He was more mature and his speech had improved significantly. This is one of the advantages to seeing a child several times previous to matching. We can track progress.

Mario needs a family! This darling child will be such a blessing to his family. Contact for more information. 


And, as always, be sure you join our private Taiwan Facebook group where we can share photos and videos that we cannot share publicly.

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