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We met Marissa in the crowded lobby of our hotel in Hangzhou. It was a chaotic scene as many families were introduced to their new daughters at the same time. Marissa, barely a year old, pitched a fit when she was handed to us because she wanted to stay with her caregivers from the orphanage. Our four-year-old son tried to comfort her with a stuffed animal he brought for her. Within a half hour, Marissa had calmed down. When we got back to our hotel room, her new brother was tickling her feet and making her giggle. It didn't take long for Marissa to adjust to her new family. I remember having a cold while we were in China and being stunned when our new daughter began to imitate me coughing and sneezing. She laughed every time she did it.


Marissa  - Gladney Bright Futures

When I was young, being adopted used to be a subject I avoided discussing with my friends due to the possibility of receiving questions about where my “real parents” were. As I matured and grew older, I realized that I have always been wanted and loved, and I have always felt wanted and loved, despite others’ comments. Now that I have fully embraced this aspect of my identity, I feel prepared to enter college with a unique perspective. I hope to someday impact the world through studies of the environment and to ultimately create a healthier home for all living beings.


Marissa was a three-season varsity athlete during each of her four years of high school at The Spence School in New York City. She played on the school's varsity soccer, basketball, track and lacrosse teams and was named captain of the soccer and basketball teams during her senior year. The sport at which Marissa excels the most, however, is surfing. She plans to attend college in either Washington, D.C. or California and is interested in studying environmental policy and liberal arts.

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