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Posted by Gladney Center for Adoption on 5/29/20 3:04 PM


Parent Quote

Mary_BabyWe first met Mary when she was 11 months old, and she was so cute and engaging. We fell in love at first sight. We held her and played with toys in the Music Room at the Baby House. It was difficult to leave after a few days, and even more difficult to wait 4 months from that first trip to Russia to our scheduled court appearance. When that court date finally arrived, it was cold and snowy. But nothing would keep us from being able to officially make Mary part of our family. One memory dear to our hearts from that day was having our translator tell us that a staff member at the Baby House had asked her to tell us to take extra special care of Mary, because "she was my favorite." That let us know just how special Mary is, and also assured us of the care and attention she had received as an infant.

From the Graduate

For me, family is so important. It represents love, safety, support, and confidence. My family is the strong foundation that I can now build the rest of my life on. And adoption allowed all of this to happen. I am blessed that my parents and my brother welcomed me into their arms so many years ago, and grateful that my birth mother recognized my need and placed me with a loving family.

About Mary

Mary enjoyed her final year of high school and was focused on graduation in May. She has weighed her options for the future, deciding between full-time employment or possibly attending San Jacinto College, with a focus on attaining a Teaching Assistant Certification.

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