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Posted by Superkids Team on 4/12/21 4:13 PM
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We are very excited to introduce Aaron! Aaron is a sweet 9-year-old who describes himself as gentle and energetic.  If you want to learn more, don't forget to tune in for our Facebook live presentation of him on Thursday, April 13th!

We got to know a lot about Aaron during our recent virtual Superkids trip and are excited to tell you more! Aaron told us that he really wants to live in the U.S. and wants to either be an artist or play for the NBA. He was not shy to show us his dribbling and jumping skills and he even volunteered to perform a dance along to music for us. Aaron is easily able to count to 10 in English and recently received the ‘model student’ award at his school. He worked well repeating patterns out of shapes and colored very carefully inside the lines which noted that his fine motor skills were on par with other children his age.

Aaron likes nature and art class at school and his favorite hobbies are playing video games, drawing, and origami. He told us he is currently learning to type on the computer which he finds really cool. He also wanted us to know that he likes fruit but can’t stand meatballs! Aaron has been in counseling for three years and has shown positive results since receiving counseling. Aaron has discussed international adoption as well in counseling and is very eager to have a family and live in the U.S.

We still have much more information on Aaron so please contact  for more information! Also, be sure to join our Taiwan Waiting Child Advocacy group on Facebook to see his adorable photos and videos! Could your family be the one he needs?

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