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Posted by Superkids Team on 11/10/22 10:04 AM
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We are excited to introduce siblings Noah and Neil! Noah was born in 2014 and is 8 years old. Neil was born in 2017 and is 5 years old.

Waiting Children - Gladney Center for AdoptionHalf-brothers Noah and Neil live with their foster parents and 13 year old foster sister. Noah and Neil have a good relationship with one another and with their foster sister.

Noah's favorite activities include watching tv, playing board games and building with blocks! Noah is a little shy around new people and new environments. Once he warms up, he will seek hugs and wants to hold hands with people he feels comfortable with.

Noah has an ADHD diagnosis, and the file from Taiwan states he has "traits similar to Asperger's syndrome". Noah is currently taking medication to help him focus, and he is attending weekly group therapy sessions. Noah is a 2nd grader in elementary school where math and Mandarin are his strongest subjects. During recess, Noah LOVES to pretend he is a policeman with his schoolmates!

Neil enjoys any type of physical activity, such as playing on the playground! He also likes activities that require creativity, such as putting puzzles together and building structures with blocks. 

He is described as an outgoing and active child, who loves to smile! He is very curious around new people and adjusts to new environments quickly.

Neil has language, cognitive, motor and social emotional delays. He receives OT, PT and speech therapies weekly. His foster father noted Neil is improving his vocabulary and now able to speak more sentences at home. Neil attends pre-school and his favorite class is PE. 

Are you a family that can give Noah the emotional support to help him build his self-confidence? Continue to work one on one with Neil to further support his vocabulary and physical development? Build Lego structures and go on new adventures with both? If you think you could be the right family for Noah and Neil, please contact us at  to review their profiles. 

To protect a child's privacy, Taiwan has strict rules limiting public photos of children. To see more photos of Noah & Neil, request to join Gladney's PRIVATE Taiwan Waiting Child Advocacy group on Facebook

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