MATCHED!! Will You Welcome Nash {Taiwan} Into A Forever Family?

Posted by Superkids Team on 5/9/23 8:30 AM
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Through our Virtual Superkids program we were able to meet Nash over Zoom recently.  We are excited to share updates from this meeting!

Nash is going to be celebrating a birthday soon. He will be 6 years old. How amazing would it be if this is the last birthday he ever has without a family?  

Nash is described as an outgoing little boy who is a fast learner. He is currently in Kindergarten, where he does well. He can sit still in school, but sometimes has a hard time focusing. That sounds about right for an almost 6 year old boy!

 Nash enjoys playing hide and seek and building tall buildings with Legos. He likes playing outside; riding his bike (with training wheels), playing tag, and even said he can do a somersault! His favorite animal is a zebra which he has seen at the zoo.

When asked what his favorite food is, he said it is guava. And his least favorite? Bitter melon. I can’t say I blame him there!  

Nash2Nash is currently in foster care. We had the opportunity to speak with his foster mom during our recent Virtual Superkids visit. She noted that he needs encouragement and likes to be praised. She said he will need adoptive parents who are willing to be patient with him.

Nash receives OT twice a week, and is doing very well with hitting his developmental milestones. We have the cutest video of him using a lacing card and putting the string through the holes. The whole time he is chattering about what a great job he is doing and how fast he can do it.  

Nash is diagnosed with strabismus which he regularly sees an ophthalmologist for, and ADHD. But his biggest need? That is for a family to call his own! Could he be your son? If you think you could be the right family for Nash, please contact us at to review his profile.

To protect a child's privacy, Taiwan has strict rules limiting public photos of children. To see more photos of Nash, request to join Gladney's PRIVATE Taiwan Waiting Child Advocacy group on Facebook

Please share Nash’s post! It is one thing that we can all easily do. You never know, his family may be on your friends list!

*Don’t forget to register for our next virtual information session to learn more about adopting from Taiwan.*

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