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Posted by Superkids Team on 4/13/19 1:30 AM
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I am the first of our team to arrive in Taiwan. Tired and feeling a bit bedraggled I landed around 5:30 AM. By the time I got to our Airbnb apartment it was close to 7. We all love staying in the apartment, but I quickly realized I was going to need to go out pretty quickly to get some water. So after a shower, some fresh clothes, and a call home I headed out!


It is nice to be in the same area we were last time. There is a 7-Eleven less than a block away. There is a gorgeous market where you can buy all kinds of fresh foods a few blocks away. First stop was for water and to use the ATM at the 7-Eleven. Then I headed to the market.


I meandered along, enjoying the bustle and the beautiful, vibrant colors of the fruits and vegetables. Admittedly I sped up a bit when we came to the fresh fish and meat stands, the strong smells assaulting my nose.


I walked around the corner to a side street where we got amazing little buns the last time we were here. I bought one filled with black sesame paste and nibbled on it as I continued my walk.


I selected a few vegetables, a tomato, a handful of okra, and a sweet potato with a thought toward lunch. Last time we were here we cooked a little but did not have salt or many other seasonings, but this time I brought salt, pepper, and a roasted garlic and herb seasoning, so my noon meal was delicious. I had to get a pineapple. I am in Taipei, after all. And mangos, because who can walk past sweet smelling, ripe mangos without grabbing a few? Laden down with my purchases I walked back, grabbing another couple of bottles of water along the way.


And now everything is conspiring against me. I do not want to nap today! Just pushing through and staying awake during the day and sleeping at night is the best way to beat jet lag! But I am in a quiet apartment. I just finished lunch. It is 2:30 AM at home. I "slept" sitting mostly upright in an airplane seat last night. And it is raining outside (luckily I can get to an amazing bakery, an Italian restaurant, and the 7-Eleven without getting out from under the awnings along the street for more than a few feet). How can I possibly stay awake as the rain sleepily rattles against the windows?

This may be a losing battle. I can always stay awake tomorrow, right? It will be easier tomorrow...


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