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Posted by Superkids Team on 11/14/23 11:30 AM
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What is sweeter than sisters? We met Nila {8} and Nikki {7} together then spent time with each separately when we were in Taiwan earlier this month. They are both sweet girls. Nikki, though younger is the leader of the two when they are together. Nila is more quiet and shy while Nikki is more talkative and active. The girls live in separate foster homes but do spend time together and get along well.


Nila is 8 years old and has mild intellectual delays. Her fine and gross motor skills are good. She wrote her name for us but wasn’t really interested in drawing a picture, though her foster mom said she does normally like to draw, she especially likes to draw dogs. She is in 3rd grade but school is a struggle for her. She did simple addition for us and described what was happening when we showed her a picture in a book. She enjoys reading and playing outside.




Nikki is 7. She is in 1st grade and does well in school. Her favorite class is drawing Nikki2and her least favorite is taekwondo. She did some simple arithmetic problems and told us the answers in English. When we asked her to count she counted to 10 in English. It was super cute because we were not expecting it! She wrote her name for us and did well with stringing beads in a pattern. She is inquisitive and wanted to know about the various toys and books we had with us.


These two darling girls need a family who can help each of them reach their full potential. Could they be your daughters? For additional information please contact us at To see more photos of Nila and Nikki, request to join Gladney's PRIVATE Taiwan Waiting Child Advocacy group on Facebook.    

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